What Is Atencoin Black Gold Coin?

Have you heard of the word cryptocurrency or virtual currency and how it has been lately? Atencoin is a form of virtual currency that has been developed by National Atencoin (NAC) Foundation. The coin is yet to be introduced in the market this 2014 and Atencoin is on its final stage of development although the exact date of launching is not yet revealed. Atencoin is also known as the “Black Gold Coin” hence called the Atencoin BGC by its developers, members and stakeholders.

Atencoin derive its name from a precious metal known as Aten. This metal is very rare and its price is 1000 times higher compared to Gold. It is therefore also known as black gold. With NAC Foundation, Atencoin will definitely become most accessible medium of exchange in gas and bitcoin blackjack oil industries. Unlike traditional virtual currencies, the Atencoin is backed up by the power of oil and gas. The NAC also aims at maintaining a stream of suppliers who will accept Atencoin for the exchange of things that are used in real life like meat, butter, clothing and online games.

NAC Foundation aims to provide broader options to companies or individuals who wish to use virtual currencies in their transactions with oil, gas and power sectors all around the world. BGC or the Atencoin is a form of virtual currency that could be easily stored using online wallets. One of the most fascinating things about Atencoin and other crypto currencies is that they all are not associated with any central authority. The decentralization also helps these currencies to maintain a self-governed economy so that users can exercise their full freedom to decide what to do with their virtual currencies at hand.

It is a known fact that crude oil and any other form of gas and oil are very important in our economy. Businesses and even households depend on gas and oil to be able to run it efficiently. The price of the basic commodities is even dependent on the price of gas and oils hence its importance and contribution to the world is very essential. NAC Foundation have recognize this need that is why Atencoin was developed to give better and easier options for buyers and suppliers to trade gas and oil and in other related industries.

Other features of the currency also include the minting reward as the nonstop minting is a key to success. If the reward for minting the currency decreases then the minting is reduced automatically. It is not the case when it comes to Atencoin as the minting rate will be increased by 5% annually to maintain the pace. To overcome inflation by using this currency is also an aim of NAC. Like Bitcoin, Atencoin will transform the way of cash handling online by deploying state of the art system of peer to peer transaction network. Open minting and promotion of Atencoin will also bring a revolution in the world of online currencies.

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